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When you live and work in main street america you realize that the majority of businesses are made up of 20 or fewer employees. Many of them have a very local or regionalized service area.

Google knows that. For example, you can try right now by looking up a restaurant or auto repair shop and Google will display only websites that belong to local businesses in the maps.

Using local digital marketing services is your chance to bypass the big brands and will get you in front of the right audience. Your competitors are already doing this. You can no longer afford to be invisible.

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Local Marketing that Delivers Powerful Results for…

Rather than being a one size fits all marketing agency, we are confident that we can move the needle in the following business types:

Single Location Local Business
You're business with a local store in one location or service area

Multi-Location Business
You have a business in multiple locations and/or are a franchise

Service Area Business
You're business provides a service to your clients at their location such as an electrician or plumber.

Dominate Search Results With My Valley Marketing

Based in the USA, we have spent several years perfecting strategies and methods to get websites top rankings. This experience and unique skill-set provides you with a customized "flight" plan that will help you rise above your competition and attract new business.

No Expensive, Long-Term Contracts
You are not locked into an expensive or long-term contract that over-promises and under delivers on results.
Guaranteed Results
If your not getting results within 60 days of the campaign, you will get your last monthly fee back. No questions will be asked.
Plans for Your Budget
Budget concerns are important to small organizations, so we have created multiple plans that are simple.
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Google is the world's BIGGEST ad agency disguised as a search engine

That's why having a digital marketing is important for any business

Have you ever heard of the Freemium business model? It's a strategy where you give something away that provides value in hopes that the prospect turns into a customer later. It could be as simple as handing out free pens at a trade show for example. If you're a search engine, for example, you can study user behaviors by offering them free email accounts, digital document storage, educational classroom products, and word processing programs all for free. Then you can crunch the numbers and determine user habits and locations and then sell advertising services to companies willing to pay.

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My Valley Marketing understands the importance of a strong advertising campaign on the web. Internet Marketing is achieved in many different ways. For instance, you may have heard of confusing terms such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, Video Marketing (YouTube), or even Social Media Marketing (Facebook/ Twitter/ Yelp/ etc.). Search engine algorithms are constantly changing due to many unknown factors. As handheld technology and social media continues to shape user behavior, we continue to research and stay up to date on the latest trends on a daily basis. Discovering new ways to stay in front of your target audience helps you stay ahead of your competition.

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Social Media Companies Copied Google's Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing is a huge part of a businesses success.

Social Media companies such as Facebook and LinkedIn have adopted a similar business model like Google's free products and services. Why not create an app that allows users to engage, interact, connect, and express their opinions with a worldwide audience all for free. Because you create a product that is very useful and provides value to the end-users all while you have them accept your terms of service to allow them to gather general information for marketing purposes.

Whether you have a small start up business in town or a larger company that’s looking to expand regionally or globally, you need a strong advertising campaign using the right platforms to brand and get your message across. Social media companies offer digital ad placements on several premium spots within their Eco-system of products. You will have access to a specialist that is constantly researching and testing new marketing strategies. Gone are the days of shotgun advertising because new digital insights based on user data enables you to precisely target your audience based on a variety of factors that are far better than any direct mail campaign filters. We'll work directly with you to ensure results are delivered on time and on budget!

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