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How Do Our SEO Services Work?

A quick Google search for “seo scams” will bring back some scary results. Maybe you have been burned by an SEO service in Salem in the past.

SEO is not complicated like many SEO companies would like for you to believe. It has become a valuable asset to every company’s portfolio because of it’s ability to make money, or bring in money, and that is what has given it a high price. Because it can bring in a good income, there are many who have figured out just enough to be a danger to themselves and liability to those around them offering SEO services. In the long run, the cockroaches will get squashed and disappear. Do your homework and make sure you aren’t lured into one of these scams.

SEO Business Consultation | Web Presence Audit


If you do a search for “Salem Web Design”, you’ll find sites like this in the top spot. That’s the Number One spot of the First Page in the Google search results. Our goal is simple, sell Search Engine Marketing services in Salem Ohio, and being number one on page one of Google for a search term like that only brings a return on investment if people are searching for a web design company in Salem Ohio. Google will position who they feel the experts are in the number one spot. We get results – it’s that simple.

When you take a short drive east from Salem to Columbiana or west to Alliance you understand the needs residents have for your services. Being number one lets you tout your own horn because you have taken the time optimizing your website and doing everything needed to get ranked higher with Salem SEO Services. Plus it saves people time from finding you first rather than digging through the Yellow Pages or asking for a referral on Facebook.

Can we get you to the number one spot on Google? Competitive Analysis

The real truth is that nobody can guarantee that, and if they do, they’re being dishonest with you. If you had bad SEO performed on your site previously, you may have some bad backlinks that are like “poison” in Google. The good news is that with a little research and time, we can tell Google to ignore the backlinks that are bad.

Dominate Search Engines | Content Development Strategy

If you’re like me, you have likely been contacted by many different SEO companies who tell you they can get you first page rankings in Google, but not many can show you actual results. We are not one of those SEO companies. Our search engine optimization practices get results for many companies just like yours.

We do have PROOF of our past Salem SEO projects, and know what works and what doesn’t. What SEO practices worked three years ago will likely get you de-indexed in the search engine these days. We are constantly staying up to date with Google’s algorithms, which change frequently. There are hundreds of factors that decide where your website ranks in Google and other search engines like Yahoo! and Bing. My Valley Marketing can get you ranked higher than anyone else could, and probably for less money. So, check around!

Advanced SEO Maintenance Plans | Tailored SEO Services

There are a lot of variables factored into how SEO works. We take the time to listen to you and then tailor SEO Services to meet your needs. We’ll do an in-depth analysis of your website and listen to your goals. This helps us to see what you have currently have and what you are lacking in your marketing plan. Some of the factors we review in this process are:

  • Relevant Quality Backlinks
  • Alexa Rank
  • Good Website Content
  • Social Media Signals
  • Website Traffic
  • Keyword Domain Name or one that’s been around for at least three years
  • Business Citation Websites (NAP) – they need to be consistent

Perhaps your website is already doing good in a couple of these areas so we’ll only focus on the areas you need help with. Each SEO client has different needs. So instead of selling you everything under the sun, we will only offer services that your website really needs to get higher search rankings. And if that doesn’t do the trick, we will keep going until we get you the best possible rankings.

For more information on SEO, read our article – What is SEO and also check out Search Engine Optimization.

There are a lot of SEO companies in Ohio. You wouldn’t serve someone food you wouldn’t eat yourself right? The proof of how good they really are can only be proved by the success of their on websites. Don’t be fooled by dummy charts and graphs. Make sure the person you are working with actually knows what they are talking about and not just taking your company for a free ride to an outsourcer in India.

Let’s Have A Real Conversion | Talk With Our SEO Experts

Why not have an authentic, no pressure conversation with an Ohio SEO expert to learn more about our unique and proprietary process for helping grow your business. You can fill out the form on this page, or give us a call at 330-892-7125

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This offer won’t be up for long, so take advantage today! No matter what industry your business is in we can help! Fill out the form to the right to claim your free video analysis.

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Reviews of Companies in Salem that could benefit from search engine marketing services

Get the edge on your competition by having your site design done the right way This can only be done by someone who has the tools, knowledge, and expertise it takes to make your website generate business success.

J Herbert Construction Company

J Herbert Construction Co Inc

J. Herbert Construction Company has done extensive work in the commercial sector from new offices, office renovations, to complete new facilities. J. Herbert Construction Company offers clients a fully turnkey project. J. Herbert Construction has a proven track record for delivering challenging projects on time and within budget.

Company Info: 1350 Pennsylvania Ave | Salem | OH | 44460 | Phone: (330) 332-9259 | jherbertconstruction.com


CTM Labeling Systems

CTM Labeling Systems is a leading manufacturer of pressure sensitive labeling equipment from semi-automatic applications to the most demanding high speed, high accuracy labeling solutions. CTM products are engineered and built in the United States.

Company Info: 1318 Quaker Circle | PO Box 589 | Salem, OH 44460 | 330-332-1800 | ctmlabelingsystems.com


Hunt Valve Company, Inc.

Hunt Engineering delivers specialized capabilities for Engineering, Manufacturing, Nondestructive Testing, Assembly and Hydrostatic Testing. Hunt Engineering’s Business structure is specifically designed to successfully execute critical contract requirements to exacting standards.

Company Info: 1913 East State Street Salem, OH 44460 USA Phone: +1 (330) 337 9535 | huntvalve.com


Haltec Corporation

The Haltec Corporation offers a complete range of tire valves and tire-related accessory products. Haltec will continue to develop and manufacture tire valves and accessories in step with the most advanced tire technology to meet customer needs.

Company Info: 32585 North Price Road | PO Box 1180 | Salem, Ohio 44460 | haltec.com

Other Salem, OH Companies that could grow from SEO & Marketing Services

Get your business growing with a Professional designed and SEO optimized website.

Company City State Zip Phone Website
Brass Accents Inc Salem OH 44460 330-332-9500 brassaccents.com
Gottschall Tool & Die Inc Salem OH 44460 330-332-1544 GTD-QFM.com
Quaker Mfg. Corp. Salem OH 44460 330-337-6883 quakermfg.com
Grid Industrial Heating Inc Salem OH 44460 330-332-9931 gridheating.com
R A G Tooling Co Inc Salem OH 44460 330-337-3126 ragtooling.com
Turner Machine CO Inc Salem OH 44460 330-332-5821 turnermachineco.com
Jim Santini Builder Inc Washingtonville OH 44490 330-427-2015 jimsantinibuilder.com
Lincoln Machine Co Salem OH 44460 330-332-5963 lincolnmachine.com
Lowry Tool & Die Inc Salem OH 44460 330-332-1722 lowrytd.com
Zinz Construction & Restoration Salem OH 44460 330-332-7939 zinzconstruction.com

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