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Base Cost
  • Custom Design
  • Mobile Friendly Site
  • Up to 5 Pages
  • Basic SEO
  • Featured Image Slider
  • Logo Integration
  • 1 Contact Form
  • Built on WordPress
  • Facebook Feed Integration
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One Time
  • Custom Design
  • 30+ Pages
  • Advanced SEO
  • Featured Image Slider
  • Logo Integration
  • 2 Dynamic Forms
  • Built on WordPress
  • Social Media Integration
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*Need something smaller? Ask us about our $800 Basic Package.

Awesome Features – Included!

Awesome Features

designCustom Design

If you’re looking for an out of the box, template website, this is NOT where you want to be. We build our designs from the ground up, based on YOUR business, YOUR services, YOUR market.

There’s no one size fits all solution, especially since some guys work in rural areas with hog farms and tractors to clean, and some guys live in urban areas where 5-6 story condos are the norm.

The point is, we want to speak to your customers, whoever they are. We want them to connect with the design of your website and have it appeal to them. It should be branded, with accents of your branding and logo throughout your site, not just plopped on the top left of the page. The content should sound like YOU, not the same thing that’s written on every other website.

So, in short, TRUE CUSTOM DESIGN. And the best part? You OWN it, no ongoing fees, leases, monthly payments, nada.

mobileMobile Design vs. Responsive

In short: a mobile site probably has a different theme, or look to it than your regular desktop site. A responsive site is your same exact website, just “shuffled” to be easier on whatever size screen you are using.

Many say responsive is better than mobile friendly. It truly depends on your audience. Even so, the fact that you have taken your mobile audience into consideration is wonderful news!

Responsive design can take on complex conditional formats. If it’s this size screen, show this menu. If it’s a mobile phone, make the numbers clickable. Re-locate the sidebar to lower on the page for smaller screens so the main text has more prominence and is legible. Just some examples.

While our Premier & Works packages come standard with responsive designs, we can customize a mobile site for your market if that will suit their needs better. Again, we’ve got your end game in our sites, we want your new website to make you money!

seoBuilt-In SEO

This is the item that we get the most questions. Each package has a different type of built-in SEO. Let’s go over what each type means for your website:

Basic SEO is what we feel is necessary to any website. This includes:

  • Unique page titles, descriptions & keywords
  • Text optimization
  • Image optimization
  • “Fluffing” of your content, if necessary, for more impact

These are included in ALL our packages.
SEO for Each of Your Services

The Premier package opens up a little more room for targeted SEO. With a larger website, we can focus each service page on the keywords related to that specific service, assisting with ranking for more than just a generalized “your service city name” search.

Advanced SEO

Again, with a larger site, the more we can expand your SEO. We can start including landing pages, specific for service areas or promotions and more! Also, we get a bit more detailed with site wide speed related techniques:

    • Caching (this helps speed up your site by serving a copy instead of accessing a database)
    • Minify Javascript, HTML & CSS – with a site that has more pages, functions, etc., we start getting multiple files and gunking up your website’s code. Minifying these consolidates them all into one, letting your site load faster.

Upgrading JUST Your SEO Is An Option

If you don’t need all the extras of one of the larger packages, we can just upgrade your SEO. Ask a team member for details.


Featured Image Slider

To catch the interest of your visitors, a sliding or fading larger image on your home page works well. Before and after photos, pics of your rig, shots of a unique project all work well.

The nice thing about using a featured image slider with WordPress, is that it’s easy to update photos with some current ones. You don’t need a programmer to help you keep your site fresh!

cool-sliderUltra Cool Slider

This is where things get interesting! I could explain all the funky, cool stuff that could be done with the Revolution Slider, but it would be easier to just show you an example:

logo-imageLogo Integration

We’re completely against plopping your logo on the top left of your site. We believe in complete logo integration. It’s your brand, it represents you and your company. It should LIVE in the design of your website.

Our custom designs incorporate your logo into places to make your branding truly vibrant.

dynamic-formDynamic Estimate Form

A typical estimate request form will get standard information: Name, address, phone, email, what services you’re interested in, and some room for additional comments. A dynamic estimate form can require more information based on previous input. For example, you can ask if the customer if they want an estimate for residential or commercial service. Your subsequent questions can be based off that alone.

How It Works

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