What Is Search Engine Optimization – Is Google Trying To Force You Into Buying Ads

One question you need to know before hiring your next SEO guy is ask him if he knows who Matt Cutts is? So who is this Matt Cutts guy? He is the head of Google’s web spam team and is always sharing information with webmasters around the world about how to improve the search engine experience for the end users.


He has his own blog and is featured frequently on Google Webmasters Youtube channel where there is a mountain of information. What you need to understand before doing any kind of SEO in your business is whether or not you’re willing to take a risk that could cause a Google user to have a bad experience. Much like you don’t want your own customers to have bad experiences.

Videos by Matt Cutts

I dug back into the archives and found a couple older, yet still very relevant, and newer videos that you should take a few minutes to listen to. Matt is a very active webmaster, although some don’t believe everything he says, we need to think about what the long term strategy is when optimizing our websites and digital properties for the web so that visitors convert to customers.

Matt Cutts explains whether or not buying ads on Google Adwords helps increase your search rankings.

What Exactly Is Google Trying To Do?

Video length: 4m 27s

Where is Google heading in the future?

Don’t chase the algorithm, chase your customers.
Video length: 2m 13s

How to get your business known online: Matt Cutts take on it.
Video Length: 2m 39s

Hey John, thanks for the great videos. Now what?

If you watched at least 1 video then you are ahead of your competitors. I would start by having an SEO audit completed for your website that measures your traffic, on-page & off-page optimization, your backlink profile, and other metrics that are well-known ranking factors for your websites. For starters you can check out FreeGrader.com.

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