The Perfect One-Shot Local SEO Service


Local-search visibility that lasts – without the ongoing fees.

You need the phone to ring. For that to happen, your business needs to be visible in the local search results – particularly Google Places, AKA Google+ Local.


You feel stuck:

  • You’ve got no time to work on your local rankings yourself.
  • You don’t trust most companies that claim they can help.
  • All the SEO companies that seem good cost a small fortune.

We Can Help.

“We” are Team LocalSpark. Phil Rozek of Local Visibility System and WhiteSpark: Darren Shaw, Nyagoslav Zhekov, Jessie Low, and our team of expert citation builders. Darren, Phil, and Nyagoslav are recognized across the world.

3 of us have contributed since 2012 to David Mihm’s annual Local Search Ranking Factors study – the definitive industry survey
3 of us have run our own companies
2 of us have spoken at SMX West
1 of us has spoken at MozCon, Distilled SearchLove, SearchFest, and Local U
1 of us is a Top Contributor at the Google and Your Business Forum
1 of us was the technical editor for a book all about online reviews
Our combined experience is world-class. We’ve worked with over 200 businesses in 18 countries over the past 4-5 years

We’re not the fast-talking SEO “experts” who cold-called you. We live and breathe local SEO.

But none of that matters, compared to what we can do for you.

Individually Nyagoslav, Phil and Darren are each smart, hard working, fair and extremely knowledgeable about the local space. Each with their own focus. Together they will make an incredible team that can be trusted to do the job right. I can’t imagine a better group of folks working together to help SMBs with their local online marketing. – Mike Blumenthal

Darren, Nyagoslav, and Phil are three of the thought leaders in Local SEO. With this new offering, they’ve been able to translate their deep level of knowledge of Google’s local algorithm beyond just analysis into a service that actually executes on best practices. I’m confident you’ll be in good hands with these guys. – David Mihm

I highly recommend Phil, Darren & Nyagoslav. When it comes to local SEO, working with the three wise men is always better than working with the three stooges. – Andrew Shotland

Better local visibility in 12 steps

Our process is simple, because we’ve helped enough businesses that we know what steps really matter. We also can describe it in plain English, rather than hide behind the term “optimization.”

Step 1 – Questionnaires
We send you a few questionnaires. After you fill them out, the ball is in our court for a while.

Step 2 – Keywords
We figure out which specific phrases your ideal local customers type into Google. We also set up reporting, so you can track the progress you make as a result of our work.

Step 3 – Link Audit
If Google frowns on your links and has penalized your site, we’ll connect you with people who can help get you unpenalized – while we continue to work on your local visibility.

Step 4 – Google Places Listing
We’ll audit your Google Places listing for any duplicates and problems, then we’ll implement fixes and make sure it’s perfectly optimized.

Step 5 – Citation Audit & Cleanup
We’ll find all your correct, incorrect, and duplicate listings on the most important sites. Remove duplicates, fix any discrepancies in your name, address, and phone number, and enhance your existing listings with as much information as possible.

Step 6 – Citation Building
We’ll analyze your existing citations, analyze your competitor citations, and identify new citation opportunities in your city and industry that you need to be listed on. Then, of course, we get you listed.

Step 7 – Website
We tune-up or revamp your site. We’ll make sure you have all the right pages, we’ll help you get those pages built, and we will make a thousand geeky tune-ups behind the scenes. First we’ll send you a write-up of all our suggestions, and once you have approved those suggestions, we’ll get the changes made.

Step 8 – Reviews
We help you get reviews from your customers. It’s always a challenge to figure out the best strategy – but we see it as a good challenge. All you need to do is continue to make customers happy, and encourage them to review you.

Step 9 – Content Help
You probably know that you should be creating at least a little “content,” but aren’t sure what or how. We’ll provide the guidance you need.

Step 10 – Link Suggestions
We’ll research “local” link opportunities in your city and industry and give you detailed suggestions on how to acquire those links.

Step 11 – Social Media Guidance
Not sure what “social” activities are fluff, and which ones can help you attract local customers? We’ll walk you through the highest-payoff activities.

Step 12 – Ongoing Strategy
We’ll tell you a few steps you need to take on an ongoing basis to keep your rankings growing. By this point you don’t need much more “SEO.” We’ve built your car, filled it up with gas, turned the key for you, and all you need to do is keep your foot on the gas and your eyes on the road.

For all of the companies that give SEO a bad name, Whitespark is one of the few that does it right. No shortcuts. No bull. No sales pitch with overpromising and under delivering. – Robert B. Farzad

We’ve seen great results since Whitespark’s web design and SEO work, with web traffic having more than doubled in the last year, as well as a substantial increase in organic search traffic. – Reeve Bunn

Next step: better visibility

Your team includes three worldwide-recognized local-search aficionados.

Our experience means you’ll have peace of mind in knowing we’ve made all the mistakes and done all the hard thinking, so you don’t have to do either.

We’ll do nearly all the work. (On the few occasions we need something from you, we’ll let you know.)

Best of all, no ongoing fees.

It’s $1995/month USD for only 3 months or $1000/month for 6 months.

The next step is simple and easy: contact us now and we’ll schedule a time to discuss your needs.

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