My Valley Marketing is now on Thumbtack

I recently was approached by Thumbtack to sign up as a professional member to help local businesses in the Youngstown and Salem Ohio area with websites and internet marketing. That profile was completed right here: My Valley Marketing | Thumbtack Professional Member. You can check the attention getting picture I posted, close to the top on the left hand side.

Now Thumbtack is not for everyone, but it is a new way to hire local services. So if your looking for new clients, or looking to just get started in a service based profession then could be a great place for you.

I’ve experienced working with many successful local businesses to help take the burden off of presenting them not only a modern looking, responsive website, but also a website that acts as a virtual salesman.

Trust me that I know when saying that starting a new business or re-launching an existing one in Ohio is overwhelming to say the least. You put your blood, sweat, and tears into building your business, reputation and finding loyal employees and customers. Putting in the hours is not a problem and what you stand for is an easy elevator pitch for you to share with your customers.

But one of the main problems I’ve heard business owners say is how do you link together your values and your branding online? With a slew of choices for web designs, designers, developers, graphics artists, and logo designers your head is left spinning with too many choices. You’ll get lost in the crowd real fast when you jump right in without doing research. You don’t want to end up with a website that doesn’t look like what you had pictured in your mind and you need to find a way to promote your website and get it ranked. Now places like Godaddy, Wix, and SquareSpace websites are great for starter companies who don’t have a budget. But if you’re a serious business owner, you’ll understand the phrase you get what you pay for when it comes to low budget and outsourced designers.

On top of making your brand look good, you also need to drive traffic to your website and online properties. You have heard of SEO or search engine marketing or what many are not calling content marketing and maybe even tried services like HubSpot, Constant Contact, and Blogging but you never saw positive results.

What you really need is more customers to find you online that will immediately connect with you because you are solving their problems and concerns through your website.

So using my years of online experience, I decided to take a different approach to my Thumbtack Profile page. Take a look a let me know what you think:

We will help you design, build, and manage your web properties and work to get you ranked in the search engines using the latest technology and online marketing strategies.

No, we won’t get you penalized, we believe in building your business online the right way so that you sustain long term growth.


We believe that helping businesses be successful has a direct impact on the quality of life in local communities. When a business becomes successful they then have the opportunity to reinvest into growing and expanding, creating jobs, and stimulating local economies.

Centrally located between Cleveland, OH, Youngstown, OH, and Pittsburgh, PA.

Locally in Salem, Canfield, Boardman, Poland, Columbiana, Lisbon, and East Liverpool.

AdminMy Valley Marketing is now on Thumbtack