3 Ways You Can Generate Qualified Leads Faster

Rule # 1: Build a Lead Generating Machine for the Long-term

CAUTION: This is far from being interesting and has absolutely nothing even near looking like a silver bullet lead creating solution. Which is exactly why why it’s so effective

Do not dismiss it or you run the risk of being sorry later.

We’ll start off with the lead generation strategy that most people will certainly not have the guts or perseverance to pursue. That is developing an something of ACTUAL VALUE for your buyer persona. This might be a blog site you publish to daily, or a video collection you produce daily … or another thing.

Seems straightforward, yet it’s much from very easy. I dare you, attempt it and you’ll see. Try creating a 100% unique and valuable post every day a month for starters. This is a job by itself alone from start to finish. That’s why it’s so effective, in my opinion. Considering that most of your competition is probably lazy, and that’s a perfectly good reason to take advantage of it.

You will come across times where you need leads like yesterday so that you can place food on the table today. In that moment, it’s all about rapid conversion rates, and that’s what we will talk about in a few minutes. Also if that’s the case, you need to CONSTANTLY have a lead generation system in place that continues to pump out leads during busy and slow times.

Build it first.

Rule # 2: The Money is Not in your List

Take one of my lists for example. It seems like there are is no money in it likely because of how I built it. Before I ever had something to sell I attempted to build a list because that is what most people tell you to do. Next time I would do things different. I learned through my mistake that building a list is about getting buyers and not leads.

It’s easy to build a list of freebie seekers but unless you’re lonely, you don’t need to be generating just any type of lead. Those are the types of leads you want to turn and run away from.

Instead try this: instead of using a cane pool to fish one at a time you should try using a net casting far and wide. As long as you provide value while your selling, try closing faster. For example, let them know that you’re growing this list to sell something to them later. The real possible customers will certainly stick with you.

The thing you need to remember is that you’re running a business, not a charity. Make that clear (unless if you really are running a charity), because what will happen when you DO attempt to sell, it will be sticker shock because it’s not consistent with what the original offer.

Rule # 3: You Don’t Have Time to Network and Build Relationships

People buy for one of two reasons, either they want it now or think they’ll need it later. They buy based on the benefits you offered. Yes, having a relationship definitely helps, but until the naysayers are paying your bills you need to hustle. So you need to speed up the sale.

Isn’t that why you’re in business? Don’t make reasons for it. Simply sell.

Read about how not to act at a networking event

OK, so now let’s get into 3 ways you can start getting more leads today:

1) Make A Viral Video

The way I see it is that if you are trying to make a viral video you won’t succeed. In my opinion the jury is still out on how successful social media sites are for producing sales, but when it comes to spreading concepts, it can be pretty darn efficient. What you can do, however, is start making videos and putting them on sharing sites like YouTube and also on your own website. If the video decides to go viral, you’ll be happy you did it.

You can buy some Facebook or LinkedIn Ads to promote the video and not your offer. Facebook people love entertainment, so give them some INFOTAINMENT. That means you teach, sell and entertain all at the same time.

How to Make A Viral Video

The idea behind this strategy is that you don’t know if the video will attract buyers unless you try it.

2) Don’t Wait for them – Just SELL Them.

As soon as you have people spreading the word about you it’s time to put them to the test. Put out a hard or soft offer to them right away and see how they react.
Remember, you’re not looking to make a list of friends, you want people who are going to do business with you. The better the list, the more customers you gain.

3) Free Junk is Just Junk.

Chances are that your customers hard drives are already full of “freemium” content that they downloaded to be part of a list. If you still have a sign-up for your newsletter, how are your conversions?

People don’t want another generic branded newsletter that comes from generic sources. The bar is getting higher and they want to know more about you. So sending your “7 Things To Look For Before Higher A Contractor” doesn’t carry as much weight anymore.

Suggestions: Create a piece of software that your leads can actually use. Maybe an app. Or make a definitive resource that will get them coming back for more.

Basically you are trying to attract more leads by offering them something that will solve one of their problems and is better than they can get from anywhere else.

If you don’t raise your bar you may be left behind.

There are hundreds of things that you can be doing to capture better qualified leads faster. Today we covered a few basic ground rule and only 3 action items. Don’t get distracted by shiny object syndrome. What you need to focus on is taking action and be willing to take a risk. It’s always a learning opportunity and never a loss.

Success originates from performing the essentials WELL. Finding leads is not complicated, it takes 3 points:

1. Having a great offer
2. Putting that offer in front of the right eyes
3. a call to action now

Then Rinse and repeat.

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